Toulouse Tech Transfer, the tech transfer office for Toulouse (France) public labs, has signed an agreement allowing Ximbio to produce and distribute two research reagents stemming from Toulouse labs. Ximbio is the largest non-profit organisation in the world, dedicated to life science reagents.

Speeding up and facilitating the technolgy transfer are Toulouse Tech Transfer’s missions. This new agreement with Ximbio allows two technologies from Toulouse public labs to become widely available. Indeed Ximbio provides products around the world both to the public and the private labs to facilitate life science research.

Promotion of two research tools from Toulouse public labs on a large scale:

1 – Monoclonal antibody:

An antibody allowing defining RhD blood group including the DVI variantAn antibody specifically adapted to the detection of the DVI variant in RhD rhesus group, developed by Prof. Antoine Blancher. This antibody can be used both as research reagent (it is the only anti-RhD monoclonal antibody to recognize the antigen outside the membrane context) and as a blood grouping tool to characterize RhD-positive patients and donors including those expressing the DVI variant antigen.

2 – Protein:

Fragment of a protein involved in inflammation phenomena. A new « short » form of IL-33 cytokine developed by Jean-Philippe Girard. This new hyperactive form is involved in many physiological mechanisms, and is a real active form in the body contrary to the form that is commercialized at present.

This first partnership between Ximbio and Toulouse Tech Transfer shows a shared will to develop and increase the availability of Toulouse labs research reagents.

Toulouse Tech Transfer