Ximbio Expands Network of Technology Scouts with Ximbassador at QMUL

Ximbio continues to expand its network of technology scouts with the appointment of our latest Ximbassador at Queen Mary University in London. Toni Sobande is a Laboratory Technician with extensive background in flow cytometry, tissue culture, histology and molecular biology, putting her in an ideal position to work with QMUL’s researchers and the team at Ximbio to identify and develop potential laboratory reagents from and for the researchers in her department.


Ximbassadors are  members of the university, working as Technicians, PhD or Post-Doctoral Scientists, who also work with Ximbio to help identify potentially valuable research reagents among the many tools developed in the work ongoing at the institutes laboratories. Their work helps to uncover reagents that may otherwise never come to light, returning value to the university and its researchers and helping to support science through Ximbio’s mission to disseminate those tools to the wider life science market.


The Ximbassador Programme

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