Ximbio at the Milner Therapeutics Symposium


Cambridge - Milner Therapeutics Symposium


This week, Ximbio was at the Milner Therapeutics Institute in Cambridge for their Therapeutics Symposium. The Milner institute is a collaborative research partnership, started in 2015, bringing together academic and commercial research to accelerate development of new therapeutics based biotechs.

This is an exciting place to be, where academics mix with their pharma and biotech partners to consider some of the critical questions for the future of health across Neurobiology, Oncology, Drug Resistance and the Tools and Techniques being deployed to study and overcome them.

Particular highlights came from Jane Osbourn of MedImmune and her description of the rise of biologics in medicine, tracking their growing importance over the last three decades. Gordan Dougan of the Wellcome Sanger Institute described how the extensive data from sequencing of pathogen genomes can enable decision making and highlight risks from evolving drug resistance (https://www.sanger.ac.uk/news/view/typhoid-outbreak-genetic-cause-extensive-drug-resistance-found).

Ximbio works across researchers, life science suppliers, pharma and biotech companies to identify and share research tools for the benefit of inventors and the life science community.