Your research tools can be valuable to other scientists, helping them make new research discoveries. However it’s easy to lose a research tool; academics often leave universities or labs when a project ends, forget where they stored their tools or lose unique research tools through lab accidents. Having a strategic partner, protects your research tools for the future, by ensuring they are stored in multiple locations, making it easier for other scientists to access them. Ximbio works with its partners to help accelerate research discoveries by: 

Safeguarding your research tools for the future

Ximbio can provide you with flexible options to safeguard your research tools; Whether you choose to store your research tools in Ximbio’s own biorepository or take advantage of Ximbio’s existing partnerships with specialist biorepositories worldwide, you gain peace of mind that your research tools are well protected for the future. 

Increasing research tool sustainability

Making your research tools available through the Ximbio portfolio provides existing research tools with a second lease of life, as they could be used within other life science research areas, helping to accelerate research discoveries beyond your immediate research area. 

Supporting cancer research

Contributing your research tools to the Ximbio portfolio, not only benefits you, but also helps to further the shared mission with Cancer Research UK