Professor of Molecular Oncology, University of Essex

The University of Essex has previously worked with Ximbio to make Cancer Research UK (CRUK) funded anti-BORIS monoclonal antibodies developed in my lab available to research tool companies. One of these clones was successfully licensed to a US-based research tool provider at the end of 2015. It is my hope that it will be applied by researchers throughout the academic community. More recently (Feb 2016) the University completed a master commercial agreement with Ximbio in order to make (non-CRUK funded) life science research tools (mono- and polyclonal antibodies, mouse models, cell lines, small molecules etc) more widely available. This recent partnership represents an important development which will support, enhance and promote the University’s research, outreach and impact.  I have no doubt that the scientific community and industry will greatly benefit from research tools created by the University’s scientists. I am honoured to be the first contributor to Ximbio from the University and I hope my colleagues will follow.


essex.jpg Prof. Elena Klenova, University of Essex