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Anti-Cig2 [CIG2 3A11/5]


Catalogue Number 151210
Applications ELISA IHC IF IP WB
Antigen/Gene or Protein Targets Cig2
Synonyms Cyc17
Reactivity Schizosaccharomyces pombe
Relevance Cig2 is a fission yeast (S. pombe) B-type S-phase cyclin and is expressed in a sharp spike peaking at G1/S period. Cig2 binds to Cdc2 (Cdk1), and the resulting Cdc2-Cig2 complex controls the G1/S transition of the cell cycle.
Host Mouse
Immunogen S. pombe Cig2 purified protein (bacterial expression)
Subclass IgG1
Myeloma Used Sp2/0-Ag14
Recommended Growing Conditions DMEM 5% FCS
Research Area Cell Cycle, Cell Signaling & Signal Transduction

References: 3 entries

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